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Confident individuals have ambitions
Successful learners have an openness to new thinking and ideas
Responsible citizens have respect for others
Effective contributors are resilient

Keeping Healthy

Amherst Primary School is a health promoting school and has been awarded National Healthy School Standard. To maintain this, we are committed to promoting healthy living with a focus on physical activity and healthy eating. Our tuck shops sell fruit, fruit juices and a variety of healthy snacks and we ask parents to provide their child with a healthy and balanced lunch.

We have an active School Council with children elected by their classmates to represent classes from years 1 6. Our School Council meets regularly to give children an opportunity to make suggestions for improving school life. Their ideas are considered by staff and when appropriate adopted. The school has involved the School Council in writing policies, including the food policy.

Another part of our work to maintain our National Healthy School Standard status is the work we are doing with the children about e-safety: making sure they know how to keep themselves safe online.

Our Policies

Amherst Primary School

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