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Confident individuals have ambitions
Successful learners have an openness to new thinking and ideas
Responsible citizens have respect for others
Effective contributors are resilient

Our School

We are very proud that our school is a caring and special place where children grow, learn and flourish. Amherst children are always encouraged, often challenged and undoubtedly supported to be the best that they can be.

We aim to nurture and develop...

  • Successful Learners who will achieve in many fields and excel in some.
  • Confident and motivated learners who are willing to meet a challenge and are able to take risks in their learning
  • Happy and secure children who can contribute effectively to both the school and the wider community
  • Responsible and caring citizens who have a well developed sense of right and wrong and the conscience to make the right choice

Our school is a caring community based on friendship, respect and trust. Children are encouraged to value themselves and the uniqueness of others. Standards of behaviour are high throughout the school and children know and understand what we expect from them and rise to that challenge.

Amherst Primary School

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